Registration is now open for our first-ever, Virtual NERGC Conference, which will be taking place from April 1–May 31, 2021!

The main conference website is here. More information about conference sessions is here, or download our conference brochure, which contains all the details regarding the speakers, schedule, and format for the conference.   

We hope you’ll join us for a great conference!

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An Overview of Our Plans:

Our traditional conference is a three-day event. Our virtual event will have three Gathering Days with scheduled presentations and a live chat each day with a featured speaker. On these three days, we will encourage social interaction between all attendees.

In addition to the Gathering Days, there are three additional “tracks,” at an additional cost to attendees, that will occur on Saturdays. Each is a set of four presentations as well as a speakers’ panel discussion on a specific topic. 

Another aspect of the virtual NERGC 2021 is a set of 60 additional presentations that will be recorded and available “on demand” until May 31, 2021. 

Of course, we are also including various activities throughout the 61 days to keep you engaged with this conference event—Special Interest Groups, Ancestors Road Show, Society Fair, and Library & Archive. These events will be live and not available on demand, to facilitate interactions with the participants. 

These are all traditional activities that will be carried into our Virtual Environment for 2021.

And, we will absolutely have our Exhibit Hall, open 24/7 for 61 days, with many vendors opting to include scheduled appointments and/or video chats as optional activities at their booths. 

Our 2021 Conference Schedule, available in the “2021 Conference” menu here at our site, is currently under construction. Please check back later for more details!

Countdown to NERGC 2021