Advertising Opportunities for Virtual NERGC 2021

  • It will give you an opportunity to foster your relationship with active genealogists who do not usually attend the national conferences. The national conferences are commonly held in the south and west and are not always attractive to northeastern residents.
  • It will give you an opportunity to let your members and customers know how much you value their continued membership and support.
  • Many attendees are officers in their organizations, or trustees in libraries and historical societies. They are decision-makers when it concerns books, equipment and services.

In return, NERGC will:

  • Include your organization’s name, description, and a link to your website on the sponsor page on the NERGC website.
  • Mention you on Facebook, our blog, e-Zine, syllabus, and conference welcome email.

Specific Participation Opportunities

Special Track Sponsorship:

  • The formal conference begins on Thursday, but on Saturdays, April 24, May 1, and May 8, we will give attendees an opportunity to attend in-depth specialized tracks.
  • The Sponsors will be able to provide information on their organization or company, and will receive full acknowledgement in the syllabus and handouts. The three special track topics for this conference are:
    • Advanced DNA
    • Becoming a Professional Genealogist
    • Writing Your Genealogy
  • The cost of this option is $1,000 to sponsor one track with four speakers, who are already under contract with NERGC. There are a total of three Special Track/Topic Sponsorships available.

Expert Appreciation Gifts:

  • NERGC has operated an event known as the Ancestors Roadshow since 2005. We will continue this offering with our Virtual 2021 NERGC conference. In this event, professional genealogists and speakers volunteer to assist attendees with genealogical advice. In 2019, about one-third of the attendees used this opportunity and, in fact, people were turned away. We would like to provide the experts with a small gift to continue to offer their time for this event. The sponsor will receive full credit on all media materials. Between 50 and 100 gifts will be needed. This could be a monetary donation or a physical gift to be shared with each expert consultant, preferably something that is easily sent via the U.S. postal service.

Speak to our Attendees:

  • Within our Gathering Day format, there will be up to 10 slots for a vendor or sponsor to speak directly to our attendees for 15 minutes. This recorded presentation will be played during our break between featured speaker presentations. NERGC will arrange, if necessary, for the recording to be done early in 2021 and a copy of the recording will be given to the vendor or sponsor. The cost of this option is $250.

User Group Live Chat:

  • Four of our 12 evening SIG’s (Special Interest Groups) are available to use as an opportunity to take questions from users of your product. You will need to provide staffing for the 90 minute time slot. We will advertise the session and provide you with a copy of the chat questions so each can be answered through your own communication methods. The cost of this option is $125.

Contact Judy Goss at to advertise with a Special Track Sponsorship, Expert Appreciation Gifts, Speak to our Attendees, or have a User Group Live Chat at our Virtual NERGC 2021 Conference.