Call for Papers


The Call For Papers for NERGC 2023 is now open! 
Please submit your proposal(s) through our submission portal.
Deadline for proposal submission is midnight Eastern Time on 30 April 2022 for the 17th New England Regional Genealogical Conference, to be held 3–6 May 2023 in Springfield, MA. The Call for Papers is available for download in document form by clicking HERE.

Our attendees are looking for information on the following topics:

Boston Finder Newspaper

Colonial Laws on Property

Connecticut Native Leaders

Copyright Law

Crossing from Canada

DNA Painter

Forensic genealogy

Founding reservations in Connecticut

Genetic genealogy

Land Records

Loyalists in Quebec


Migration within New England

Newfoundland –New England Connections

Occupations and Vocations

Protestant Records

Publishing vs. Vanity Press

Repositories in New England for Researching outside of New England

Settling New Hampshire

Social History

Technical Terminology

Traps and Pitfalls of Research


Vermont in the 18th & 19th Century

Women and Citizenship

Writing for Family History Publications

And Ethnic Presentations for:





French Canadian

Irish to Canada




This exciting conference will emphasize resources, methodologies, and social history that help fill in the missing branches on a family tree.

We are looking for:

  • One-hour lectures , including questions & answers, during the conference or for presentations in a Wednesday pre-conference event. 
  • Mealtime presentations of 45 minutes
  • Two-hour workshops (a session in which all participants get the opportunity to utilize the new methodology, tools, website, or technique under the tutelage of the presenter) with hands-on activities in one of these formats:
    • Guided research
    • Flipped classroom
    • I Do, We Do, You Do
  • Wednesday’s pre-conference event will feature 4 session tracks  on the following topics, with the options for other tracks, depending on submissions received:
    • Sharing Your Research Results—videos, articles, books, conversations, gifts
    • Military Research
    • Technical tools that evolved or emerged during the pandemic
    • Advanced uses for DNA research (things for those who started using DNA at least six years ago)

In keeping with our conference theme, “Missing Branches Are Not the End of the Line,” successful proposals will address at least one of these topics:

  • Something requested by our attendees from the list above
  • DNA methodologies, case studies, etc.
  • New England records and repositories
  • Problem solving, methodology, and new approaches to traditional research
  • Sharing and preserving your family history through writing, photography, digital media, etc. 
  • Research planning and project implementation
  • Technology: providing solutions to improve genealogical research
  • Understanding historical context related to genealogy
  • Interesting uses of records including religious, civil, land, probate, military, maritime, and newspapers

All presenters receive one complimentary conference registration. NERGC does not cover travel, hotel, or per diem expenses. NERGC also does not provide a projector for the speaker’s use during presentations. Remuneration is based on $225 per hour with a bonus for timely submission of syllabus material that meets NERGC guidelines. 

We are considering a provision to allow notable presentations to be given remotely/virtually to a live audience in cases where the speaker would otherwise be unable to attend the conference in person. If you want to be considered for this option, please indicate this as your preference when completing the portal form.

We are also asking that you consider carefully the audience level you associate with your presentation.  Our portal offers the following levels:

  • Novice – Someone new to this topic, ethnicity, or record type
  • Intermediate – Someone with some experience in this topic, ethnicity, or record type
  • Advanced – Someone with general experience in this topic, ethnicity, or record type
  • Experienced – Someone with widespread experience in this topic, ethnicity, or record type
  • General Interest – More informational and not related to research experience.

You must submit your lecture and workshop proposals through the NERGC Program Portal. This mechanism permits you to enter up to six presentation proposals.

Enter for each proposal:
  • Speaker’s full name, address, email, and telephone numbers.
  • Brief speaker biography (50 words or less) for conference brochure.
  • Previous lecture experience.
  • Requirements such as audio/visual, whiteboards, or other special requirements.
  • Your social media links (to assist with conference publicity).
  • Potential for employer compensation/sponsorship.
  • Preference between in-person and virtual presentation.
  • Title (limited to eight words).
  • Short lecture summary (limited to 60 words) for conference website/brochure.
  • Comprehensive outline or abstract connecting to conference theme.
  • Value added considerations (ways that your presence will help enhance the attendee experience).
  • Audience level: beginner, intermediate, advanced, experienced, historical (who is your presentation aimed at?)
  • Society or organization sponsorship (if applicable).
  • Check applicable box: Lecture in the regular program, Wednesday Pre-Conference, Workshop proposal.
  • If a workshop, please indicate the presentation type.

Program Committee—NERGC 2023,