If you are staying at one of the two conference hotels (Sheraton or Marriott) both offer parking for an extra daily fee.

If you are a daily commuter, you can park in any of the parking lots shown on the map. All of these lots are less than a mile from the MassMutual Center. The I-91 South Garage (#4), located at 1870 E. Columbus Ave., is probably the most convenient place to park–easy on/off for I-91, 2-3 blocks away. Anyone physically able would get in a few daily steps and thus save closer spaces for others.

NOTE that, unfortunately, the multi-level garage, located close to the MassMutual Center and available at previous conferences, has been dismantled and will NOT be rebuilt in time for our conference.

Accessible parking is available directly across Bruce Landon Way from the MassMutual Center. For more details about handicapped parking and drop off spots contact Pam Roberts by email at [email protected]. The MassMutual Center also offers convenient drop-off and pick-up areas for guests, taxis and limousines located along Bruce Landon Way.

Map IDParking LotAddressWalking DistanceComments
1Dwight St Lot339 Worthington St.0.2 mi (5 min) 
2Apremont Triangle Lot33Pearl St.0.3 mi (6 min) 
3Hillman Lot292 Hillman St0.3 mi (6 min) 
4I-91 South Garage1870 E. Columbus Ave.0.3 mi (6 min) 
5Worthington St. Lot (Propark)215 Worthington St.0.3 mi (7 min) 
6Taylor Street Garage33 Taylor St0.4 mi (7 min) 
7Tower Square Garage / Marriott Hotel1739-1765 E. Columbus Ave0.4 mi (8 min)$20 if staying at the hotel; hourly rates up to $40/day
8Sheraton Hotel Garage aka Columbus Center Garage99-1 Columbus Center0.4 mi (8 min)$19.99 if staying at the hotel
9Morgan Square Lot12-22 Taylor St.0.5  mi (9 min) 
10Riverfront Lot1557 West Columbus Avenue0.5  mi (9 min) 
11Union Station Garage1755 Main Street0.6 mi (11 min) 
12I-91 North Garage1870 E. Columbus Ave.0.9 mi (9 min) 
13East Court Lot22 Bruce Landon Way344 ft (1 min)Accessible Parking ONLY Contact Pam Roberts at [email protected] for details.

An interactive map of downtown Springfield with the parking lots managed by the Springfield Parking Authority can be found at:

Please note, this information is current as of December 2022 and availability may change at any time.