Welcome to the New England Regional Genealogical Consortium (NERGC)! We’re currently in the planning stages for our first-ever virtual conference, which will take place from 1 April through 31 May 2021! The genealogical societies listed here have come together to make this conference a reality. Each of these societies sponsors its own events throughout the year, and an events calendar can be accessed through the menu bar at the top. Be sure to check out their websites, linked below. Membership in a genealogical society is a great way to discover new resources and methodologies that can help jump-start your research!

Our 2019 Conference is over. We had a record number of registrants! Speakers were well received, many vendors expressed an interest in returning, and the venue was amazing!

Here’s what some of our attendees had to say about our 2019 conference:

“Excellent experience. NE and Canada classes are especially helpful. Please continue to provide venues with great socializing & networking space. Learning from and connecting with other genealogists is always helpful!”

“It was fantastic. I’ve been to the last three as well and this was the very best.”

“Very well done! Congratulations on an excellent conference.”

“This was my first conference so I don’t have much of a frame of reference, but the bar is set pretty high for conferences from now on. I learned so much!”

“I’ve attended many conferences for my state library association and thought this was well run, very organized. Now that I know what to expect, I can better prepare myself. As for sessions, they were very good and I learned a lot for my own personal use as well for work.”

“The quality and consistency of presentations was exceptional. Logistics support and volunteer help was also exceptional. “

“I was very impressed with the quality of all the lectures I attended and the expertise of all the speakers. I have never attended a genealogy conference and was very happy with what I learned. The information provided will greatly assist me in furthering my genealogical search.”

” I thought the detailed syllabus was superb and it will take a long time just to check the many talks I would have liked to attend but conflicted with others.”

“Thank you for an excellent conference! Looking forward to 2021. My only trouble was choosing which sessions to attend since several I wanted to overlapped.”

“I was ‘sent’ for Librarians’ Day by our library’s local genealogy group, for my first time, and enjoyed it very much! I particularly enjoyed the Family Search and Roadshow presentations, but all were excellent!”

“The conference as a whole was excellent! The speakers were fantastic! … I am so reved up to get back into genealogy research and was given so many tools to improve my research. Thank you so much!!”

“This was my first conference and overall I was very impressed. I’m not sure what could be improved. I really loved the conference app. It was quite helpful!”

“Have already mentioned to several friends/family about next one in Springfield (2021) that they want to attend or at least come to the Exhibit hall to see all the vendors and societies available. And friendly! Everyone gracious and friendly. As I texted from the conference to family and friends; “Wow, a thousand other genealogy nerds just like me! And everyone listening to each other’s family stories, smiling and nodding and no one’s eyes glazed over or rolled, lol.” 

“Conference was great and this was my 5th time going.”

“I was impressed by the organization and execution of the conference. As a former conference planner, I understand what it takes to pull off a conference successfully. To do it as NERGC does, with a volunteer staff, is nothing short of a spectacular achievement. Congratulations!”

“I think everyone involved in this huge event deserves an enthusiastic round of applause for a job well done! You more than met my expectations. Everyone was helpful, friendly, and more than willing to share their ideas, experiences, insights, and expertise with one another. What’s not to like! It was a great experience.”

We hope you enjoyed your time at the NERGC 2019 Conference and look forward to “seeing” you at our 2021 virtual event!

Countdown to NERGC 2021