The New England Regional Genealogical Consortium (NERGC) was created to bring together genealogical and historical groups from around New England and provide genealogists in this area with a high-quality educational opportunity.  If your genealogical or historical group is interested in joining NERGC, please review these questions and answers for more information on how the Consortium works.  Then, email [email protected] with your remaining questions and concerns!  Participation in NERGC is a great networking experience and will expose your organization to other groups throughout the area.


What is NERGC?

What is a quarterly meeting like?

What is the hierarchy within NERGC?

What are the elected offices for NERGC?

What acronyms should I learn for NERGC?

What is the history of NERGC?

What is the general budget of NERGC?

Membership in NERGC

Why does my society need a delegate?

What is the job of a delegate?

How does a delegate get answers?

What is a participating society?

What are the commitments of a Participating Society?

What are the benefits for a Participating Society?

NERGC Conference Planning

What is a walkthrough like?

How much does a delegate do for the conference?

When are conference generally planned?

How is a conference planned?

What is the hierarchy for the Conference Project Team?

What types of committees are involved in conference planning