Volunteers are the life-blood of the NERGC conference. That’s one thing that helps keep our prices lower than so many other regional conferences. From Wednesday morning through Saturday’s banquet, there are opportunities for you to lend your time to the conference to keep things running smoothly!

We start on Wednesday with tasks for check-in at pre-conference events and the congenial task of helping to stuff envelopes and tote bags for conference registrations. Conference check-in will open on Wednesday afternoon, and requires many volunteers from Wednesday through Saturday. Other opportunities to volunteer include being the host or hostess for a session (introducing and working with the speaker), being the door monitor for a session (checking badges, collecting evaluations, and controlling lighting), answering questions in the hallway, helping with Exhibitor check-in on Wednesday, and working at the Hospitality or Volunteer table. Please note that volunteers for the roles of Door Monitor and Host/Hostess should be registered attendees for the conference, or for the applicable workshop or pre-conference track.

Credit for your volunteer hours is given to one of the participating societies in fulfillment of their agreement to provide conference volunteers. Help the conference and help your society in one fell swoop!

Sign up today for your desired volunteer opportunity!