The Call For Papers for NERGC 2021 is now open! 
Please submit your proposal(s) through our submission portal.
Deadline for proposal submission is 12:00 pm on 1 March 2020 for the 16th New England Regional Genealogical Conference, to be held 14-17 April 2021 in Springfield, MA.

NERGC accepts these formats for presentations:
  • One-hour lectures, including questions & answers, during the conference or for presentations in a Wednesday pre-conference event.
  • Wednesday’s Pre-Conference event will feature five tracks of four lectures each devoted to the topics of:
    1. Advanced DNA work: exploring the new tools, working with Y and mt DNA, ethics, permissions given and received, and sharing surprising news.
    2. Librarians and Local Historians Track: resource-centered presentations suitable for genealogist librarians and local historians.
    3. Professional Track: presentations on advanced methodology, repositories, software and apps, marketing, invoicing, website design, blogging, and education planning by and for professional genealogists.
    4. Society Leadership Track: make your genealogy society thrive, engage and support members, solve society issues, and manage membership lists, websites, publication projects, volunteer recruitment, and events.
    5. Digital Tools Track: cutting edge topics and tools for finding, organizing, analyzing, and presenting genealogical information (Windows, Mac OS, mobile).
  • Workshops (Wednesday -Saturday) are two-hour interactive events.
In keeping with our Conference theme, “Springing from the Past Into the Future,” successful proposals will address at least one of these topics:
  • DNA methodologies, case studies, etc.
  • Interesting uses of records including religious, civil, land, probate, military, maritime, and newspapers
  • New England records and repositories
  • Problem solving, methodology, and new approaches to traditional research
  • Research specifically focused on social, cultural, racial and ethnic groups
  • Sharing and preserving your family history through writing, photography, digital media, etc.
  • Successful research planning and project implementation
  • Technology: Providing solutions to improve genealogical research
  • Understanding historical context related to genealogy

Lecture presenters receive $225 per presentation plus a $25 bonus for submitting their syllabus materials on time. Honoraria for workshop presenters are prorated based on the length of the session. All presenters receive one complimentary conference registration. NERGC does not cover travel, hotel, or per diem expenses. NERGC also does not provide a projector for the speaker’s use during presentations.

Again, you must submit your lecture and workshop proposals through the NERGC Proposal Submission Portal. This mechanism permits you to enter up to six presentation proposals, but you only have to enter your personal information once.

Enter once for each speech proposal:
  • Speaker’s full name, address, email, and telephone numbers.
  • Brief speaker biography (50 words or less) for Conference brochure.
  • Requirements such as audio/visual, whiteboards, or other special requirements.
  • Previous lecture experience.
  • Title (will be truncated to eight words).
  • Short lecture summary (will be truncated to 60 words) for conference website.
  • Comprehensive outline or abstract connecting to Conference theme.
  • Audience level: beginner, intermediate, advanced, professional.
  • Check applicable box: Lecture in the regular program, Wednesday Pre-Conference, Workshop proposal, Society or organization sponsorship (if applicable).
  • Society or organization sponsorship (if applicable).
Program Chairs – NERGC 2021,